The best way to evaluate whether one of our classes  can benefit your organization is to book one class, allow your employees to experience a class, and then discuss with us what a program might look like and how your organization can benefit from the program. We offer Intro classes to organizations in groups of 2-50 people. If you’re interested in experiencing one of our classed led by Rebecca Dru & Misti Cooper who are professionally trained and gifted,                 Click below to schedule your class.                              ...........................


How many of you are suffering from pain?  Struggling with disease?  Are you wanting different information than the status quo?  Are you looking for ways to improve or change your life? Look no further... Rebecca Dru & Misti Cooper will inspire you to create a shift in your life.

People are always looking for ways to improve or change their lives for the better.  Our job is to inspire and facilitate the opportunity for your staff to grow with us. Rebecca Dru & Misti Cooper have helped hundreds of people around the world reach a higher potential of themselves, change their course of action for better health with nutrition, meditation and sound; we unveil a unique path to achieve heart felt goals. We teach Food is Medicine and Medicine is Food.  We believe a corrupted mental state leads to a corrupted emotional state, which makes your body a breeding ground for disease. Both Rebecca and Misti have learned first hand from their near death experiences how to cultivate health and offer alternative solutions not readily discussed in public.

During our time together we share our repertoire of tools to initiate change and gain new wisdom. We encourage individual participation as we want folks who are comfortable to share their stories with us. Question; How many of you are suffering from pain?  Struggling with disease?  Wanting different information than the status quo? 

Remember...You matter!  You are more important than the food you choose or the relationships that don’t support you. The relationship to yourself is key and any of the choices you make or have made in your life have led you here. It’s never too late to change the way you look at yourself in the mirror. We are your reflection to create a deeper connection with yourself.

We are a "Spiritual Movement” that’s an out of body experience...all about you!

Take that first step to change. You matter!