Mount Shasta Spiritual Adventure August 19-25, 2019

Mount Shasta is known worldwide as one of the 7 chakras of the world.  We take you into the mystical vortex, celestial portals, sacred springs and ancient Native American land to help you experience the powerful energy of those areas. There we lead guided meditations to assist you in connecting with the energy of the site. Transformation, activation and downloads occur for those who are ready to let go and release all false personality parts and awaken to their divine self and life purpose. The gift in surrender is personal growth and expansion. Each one of us will have our own unique experience tailored to our personal intentions and what the will of Spirit has in store for us.

This is your opportunity to connect with the majestic terrain of Mother Earth and the unseen spiritual forces of the Universe. Mt. Shasta is one of the most powerful grid points on the planet to visit and do your inner work on. We are participating in exciting times here on Earth. We have come to play our part in the shift of Earth consciousness by initiating souls into higher vibrational frequency of Cosmic Consciousness.

Important facts to know:

Calming the body and mind allows for healing, transmission of knowledge and transformation. We will be meditating  and DRUtoning at each sacred site who's energy will give you accelerated access to higher guidance and opens the doorway into multi dimensions. As we fertilize our mind with exalted thoughts  of consciousness we are automatically lifted into a heightened state of awareness and find our being in the present moment.


Meditation is one of the foundations for peaceful empowerment. It inspires our imagination, fuels creative ideas and stimulates our evolution as a species. We cultivate this muscle in our daily lives to receive its gift and exercise our new invaluable skill to know when to act and know when to be still. Your moment by moment decisions will be guided from the source of creation which has your best interest at heart forevermore. Ask and then listen, listen and listen.

Mild to moderate hiking is part of our exploration.

On this journey we make a conscious commitment to joy and believe a Spiritual Adventure must be filled with fun to achieve  "Spiritual Ecstasy”.  Let the magic begin!

You are responsible for your own transportation, lodging and food.  We will assist you in finding lodging. We will supply snacks and water during the adventures of the day. 

Cost: $1999 or  $499/Day


  • Day pack- Back pack
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun screen and lip balm
  • Camera
  • Personal items- toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo etc.
  • Snacks
  • Journal and pen
  • Sacred items, i.e., crystals, photo of you as a child, drum, rattle etc.
  • Set your Intentions 
  • Light hiking boots
  • Walking Poles  (if needed)
  • Sun hat with brim
  • Shorts, t-shirt, long jeans, sweatshirt and/or light jacket
  • (Weather varies in the mountains and gets rather cool in the evening.)
  • Swim Suit
  • An old towel or jacket to sit on – to make the rocks softer
  • Headlight- REQUIRED (purchase REI) we may be trekking into a dark cave or holding night ceremony at base of the mountain
  • Stocking cap
  • Gloves 
  • Neck scarf
  • Wool socks 
  • Hooded winter jacket 
  • Warm sweater & turtleneck shirt
  • Bottle of water – at least 16oz. or more for 8-hour trips
  • Also if you wish to make an exchange with Mt. Shasta bring an offering to leave and you will be able to return home with  a stone, rock or glass.

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Healings in Shasta

Can U feel the POWER of  Mt Shasta?  Mt Shasta 2017 Spiritual Adventure is complete. We had incredibly fun and successful transformations. We had a participant who came with a heart condition. Her Doctor had ordered a pace maker. After spending time with Rebecca Dru, Misti Cooper  and SKULLY on the sacred land of is with great joy and celebration that we can say she no longer needs the device implanted. The mystery and journey into Cosmic Consciousness continues...all we need to do is ask to be cradled within the unified energy Grid of the Seventh Chakra of the World and she comes to us. Come feel her. Join us, SKULLY The Fluorite Crystal Skull of LOVE and Mental Genius & our Crystal Skulls for an Interstellar adventure. We can help Activate a new pathway in your life. #spiritualalchemist #druified #spiritualxtc#mtshasta #consciousness #crystalskull#activation #healing #interstellar

We work with the energy of Crystals and Crystal Skulls.   Here is Jesus the Shungite Skull in Mount Shasta on our Spiritual Adventures... one of the 7 most sacred mountains in the world.  Every day is a new adventure!
We work with the energy of Crystals and Crystal Skulls. Here is Jesus the Shungite Skull in Mount Shasta on our Spiritual Adventures... one of the 7 most sacred mountains in the world. Every day is a new adventure!


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