Transforming Lives & Activating Souls...

Rebecca Dru & Misti Cooper, YOU are the gift who keeps on giving! New epiphanies daily.

Mila - Preston Healing Center

You are emissaries of the program we live in. Divinely inspired change agents and healers... Transforming Lives Activating Souls

Carolyn Ford

Misti & Rebecca provided me with clarity I needed to move forward with my life. They gave me insight into the root cause of my misfortune. 
Dan. T

I am finally getting to know better the person that I see in the mirror every day, learning to listen to the soul that is “me” raising my sense of purpose and direction, guiding me to the next actions I need to take.

D. Trollinger

I’ve never thought that this power could come from a human professionally trained to heal.  Someone who can listen to your thoughts before they come, two people, Rebecca Dru & Misti Cooper,  who embrace passion from others that come in many forms; and a Spiritual Movement that’s an “out of body” experience…all about you.  

Spiritual Ecstasy became a new way of healing for me.  The phenomenal part is that I only had to spend one night with Misti and Rebecca...  

I’m going to help you define what Spiritual Ecstasy is; and what it did for me that changed my life forever.  When you dissect your purpose and passion for love, life, happiness, and healing; your spirit moves on its own…let me tell you, it’s pure bliss.  I suppose that’s why its called Spiritual Ecstasy.


Spiritual Ecstasy showed me that contracts were made to be broken.  Not by pen and paper, but by chasing your spirit that talks to you…so you need to listen in order for this to work.  If not, they’ll help you.  

I won’t spoil it for you because you have to see them yourself,

Brooke Kanani Schreiner C.P.T.,P.E.S.,C.E.S. Fitness Coach/Corrective Exercise Specialist 

We really appreciate those prayers and Misti Cooper Spiritual Alchemist and her healing love.

When I met you my life changed for the better your insight was Amazing... God bring good people together for a reason ... I Thank him Because you are Truly a Blessing…
A. Weever

Wasn't Misti amazing. Straight away saying I will activate Skully. I felt she jumped in there ready to send spears of love to fight whatever he had. I really appreciated that. 

Mel B.

I was told by Misti Cooper & Rebecca Dru that I had 3 weeks to clean my emotional house deal with the situations that were dragging me down. These ladies have set me on the path I was intended. Meeting you both was supposed to happen. I love you both. Thank you again for your love and guidance, you helped me so much!


My Spiritual Make-over with Misti and Rebecca was unlike anything I have ever experienced. 

I’m not sure which to rave about first... what we did or how I felt.  The day started with being taken to a fashion stylist, then a gourmet lunch followed by a photoshoot. A beautiful day of being pampered and hanging out with 2 women who feel like long lost friends.  Which sounds amazing in itself....but there is more...

As we started our adventure I could feel the energy surrounding me like a warm cocoon.  The energies were supportive, loving and uplifting.  I felt as if I was on a sacred journey, to discover myself and my true inner beauty.

 I felt as if I had been given the secrets to the universe, bathed in unconditional love, and as if I was sitting on top of the world and could do anything!  It was that powerful! 

Both women are amazing in their own practices.  Then mix them together and feel the magic start to build.  There is something that happens where their energies come together to create something even bigger and more expansive. 

If you are fortunate enough to find an opening with Misti & Rebecca,  I say RUN, don’t walk.  I highly recommend both of them and this experience.  You will love the transformation! 

Lee Lewalski - Love Coach

Misti Cooper is a phenomenal & powerful healer. I would highly recommend booking a healing session with her. 

I am in gratitude for such an incredible healing from Misti.  I would like to share my magical experience.  I felt incredible after the healing session but what was most incredible was how I was relieved of all pain from my feet legs and through out my body.... I was completely rejuvenated. 

Emanuel Snyder

Misti is an amazing healer. I was in heaven lying on her table whilst she performed her magic!  I experienced a profound shift in my energy and left feeling peaceful and relaxed.

Marla Martenson - Author/Relationship Coach

Misti Cooper is an incredibly gifted healer! After 25 years of therapy, I was unable to integrate my clinically diagnosed multiple personas into one; they were compartmentalized. In one session with Misti Cooper, she miraculously integrated 20 of my 23 personas into one. It has given me a new found freedom I never thought I would have.

R. Epstein

Thank you!..for the beautiful day and for breaking open some of those souls.  I know it will change them forever. 
Amy Friedman, Pops The Club

You have no idea how you opened my heart and my mind Misti Cooper I canceled what I knew was right and now I have 12 days to figure out where to go from here...knowing what I learned from you & Rebecca Dru, I haven't a care in the world!💕💕💕

Stephanie M

Rebecca's photography is nothing short of amazing. Rebecca’s work is truly distinctive in catching a glance, a smile, an atmosphere with a glow and texture that you can immediately recognize.  Her photos are more than a photo, they capture that moment in time perfectly.

Alexander Rodriguez

I am so proud the wonderful talent I saw in your so many years ago is coming to fruition.  You have marvelous gifts Dru, not simply your talent for composing, singing and playing, but your ability to dream in music. 

Jil Hales

Rebecca Dru is a fantastic photographer. I lifted Einstein for a nano second as he is 33 lbs. She captured a split second moment of my love for Einstein and super human strength.

Carolyn Ford

I look carefully at every face your lens captures, identifying the spirit you see and share. People who love you show the best, everyone wants someone smiling at them from time to time, dropping the armor, and the backgrounds are sheer art.

Carla Niles

I guess you can run.... but you cannot hide from Rebecca Dru. I have been officially DRUified.

Crystal Skull "Einstein" the Skull of Consciousness

You turn ordinary into extraordinary with your eye and your lens

Elise B.

Thanks for making a positive difference in my life.

Eileen C.

 I always feel so uplifted after speaking with you. Thank you again!

Shana L.

You recently helped me, big time, you Angel. 

Sam B. 

You inspire me❤

Kim Y.


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