SEDONA, ARIZONA Sept 23-28, 2018


IMMERSE YOURSELF in the high vibrational frequencies where MISTICAL experiences are an ordinary occurrence. Epic sites we travel to will emit their own authentic energy for acceleration in healing the parts of who you are. Ignite the flame of LOVE energies. Trigger the RELEASE of trauma. Rescue & RECLAIM your inner child. Light Body Activation. SURRENDER challenges in need of a miracle. Expose hidden self sabotage patterns. MAGNETIZE Money. Initiate you into the mysteries of Multi Dimensional Reality. We will take you on a harmonic trip through the Milky Way. Treating you to impromptu SOUND IMMERSION with Crystal Alchemy Bowls, Shruti Box, Planetary Tuning Forks. Learn to be the MASTER of your own HEALTH. We teach you MISTICAL Self Mastery an ancient practice of self repair and peaceful empowerment. 


Learn about Spiritual Adventures, Interactive SpiritualXTC Theatre, Energetic Tarot, Skully The Crystal Skull, Book Release Parties, Sound Workshops and more.