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Vanessa Cate from Stage Raw said:

Spiritual Ecstasy 

Reviewed by Vanessa Cate 
The Lounge Theatre (Hollywood Fringe Festival) 
Through June 16 

While I am loath to rigidly define what is or is not “theatre”, it is admittedly a challenge reviewing Spiritual Ecstasy. “Sound Freak” Medical Intuitive Rebecca Dru and Spiritual Alchemist Misti Cooper invite you to take part in an interactive New Age round table. Dru and Cooper talk briefly about their work, then get to the nitty gritty of what is at the spiritual core of each audience member.

The audience is tasked with filling out a very brief questionnaire: “Why do you think you are here tonight?” “Do u allow yourself to listen and act on your gut instincts?” “If you could be doing anything with your life, what would it be?” “What do you love most about yourself?”

My job is not to attempt to review spiritual merits — so I’ll leave my own beliefs and impressions out of it — but to cover the theatrical quality of the production. Since neither plot, writing, acting, design, or even art are elements to consider here, I can merely comment on the uniqueness of the experience.

Whether you are inclined to believe these mystics or not, the show still has value in terms of its distinctiveness. For myself, I learned that I am drawn to Japan because I have past-life karma there. I got to hold a flourite skull named “Skully”. I got to brandish an energy wand and dispel invisible ties that bind me. I got to chant and meditate, and I had a New Age guru do energy work on me. After watching an evening full of performances of varying quality, this show was the one that left the biggest impression.

Whether the goal of dramatic art is to entertain or incite retrospection, Spiritual Ecstacy, strangely enough, fits the bill. Consider it a New Age take on immersive theatre.

The Lounge Theatre, 6201 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood; Wednesday June 13th 6 p.m. & Saturday June 16th 10 p.m.; http://www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/5282?tab=ticketsRunning time: approximately one hour.

(original review: http://stageraw.com/2018/06/13/spiritual-ecstasy-theater-review/)

Alon Dina said:

What an experience! Rebecca and Misti give you much more than what you came for, this was a haven for self discovery. You are likely to leave the theater a better person.

Jody Vaclav said:

This is a fantastic interactive journey into the metaphysical that caught me by surprise. The depth of feelings throughout the “performance” was truly amazing and opens your mind to infinite possibilities. Amazing!

Fringe Review:

The sharing of both Rebecca and Misti and the invitation to the audience to share with each other which was taken up immediately. The Love was wonderful, the explanations of things they were doing was so helpful, and they have the most GORGEOUS piece of Pyrite I have EVER seen!!!

From the first moment, I felt and knew these ladies were serious about Energy, Love and Intuition. At one point when I was on stage cutting (emotional) cords.Misti asked if she could do some of the work for me. As she passed her hands over the top of my head, I felt waves of Energy move as her hands were moving. That was Incredible. That clearing of energy stayed in motion all night.
The intimacy that Rebecca and Misti shared from my entering the theatre was lovely, and every audience member was met with the same acknowledgment of their Being and the audience became friendly with each other in that time frame. I loved this show!!

Fringe Review:

The best aspect of the show was the meditation and being introduced to Rebecca Dru’s incredible soothing voice that filled the theater with love. It was the best public meditation ever, to the point where I really didn’t want it to end.

My second favorite was the Wands. Everyone was engaged and it loosened up the audience to participate and relate.

I found it really interesting, and engaging. Dru and Misti work well as a Team and the audience was really receptive to their energy. I was very impressed and would go again.

Kathie Barnes said:

I went to 'Spiritual Ecstasy' a Fabulous project at the Hollywood Fringe Festival last night at the Lounge Theatre. I think they only have one more 'performance' and I HIGHLY recommend it. It is not a play, it is 2 wonderful intuitives, Rebecca Dru and Misti Cooper, and the evening goes the way the Energy leads. For any of you reading this who don't have the experience with intuitives or Energy, go anyway! It can change your Life. It will absolutely at least change the rest of your Evening.




Rebecca Dru & Misti Cooper are taking you on a Sound Voyage...a journey within. Music is a universal language which brings us all together on a common ground. It's medicine for our soul, permeating our heart, allowing us to love every part of ourselves through the sonic experience of emotional catharsis and release. Close your eyes, let go of your head, listen with your body to the sounds of our Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls. Sing with us to the drone of a Shruti Box and experience the effects throughout your body creating a masterpiece of sound. Wind down to the resonance of Koshi Chimes...in a portal to contemplation, inner peace, and heart-centered connection. 

From the universal perspective of creation, our bodies are made out of sound, light and love. It is the frequencies that interact with one another that build the nucleus of a cell. Therefore sound has the power to change our vibration and lift us out of negativity and disease at the cellular level of consciousness. Music has been scientifically proven to reduce stresses, anxieties, isolation and worries in our lives and help improve memory and focus. 

Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Join Rebecca Dru & Misti Cooper IN CONCERT at Pierce College Thursday Afternoon Concerts December 6, 2018 1-2pm for DRUTONES & MISTICAL MEDITATIONS.  We'll  teach you how to create sound in your resonating chambers in your body to release emotions...to relax...Misti Cooper will be teaching you about Mistical Meditations...AND we'll introduce you to our SpiritualXTC OM Wands... where some lucky members of our audience will join us on stage.  We might even get you drumming  too as we love audience participation!

6201 Winnetka Ave, Woodland Hills, CA at the top of the hill in the Main Stage building.

PIERCE COLLEGE Woodland Hills, CA SEPTEMBER 13, 2018

Sound Heals... Come join Rebecca Dru & Misti Cooper IN CONCERT for an hour of sound and energy at Pierce College Thursday Afternoon Concerts September 13, 1-2pm. Rebecca Dru will be singing...DRUtoning...teaching you how to create sound in your resonating chambers in your body to release emotions...to relax...Misti Cooper will be teaching you about Mistical Meditations...all to the sounds of our Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, my voice, the Shruti Box and Koshi Chimes...and our SpiritualXTC OM Wands...
6201 Winnetka Ave at the top of the hill in the Main Stage building.

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2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival at Lounge Theatre


SPIRITUAL ECSTASY is where Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull meet Deepak Chopra.   

Welcome to Live Interactive Audience Participatory Theatre, where the Audience determines the subject matter for the show.

If you happen to be where they are…it’s no coincidence… 

Rebecca Dru is a Grammy Nominated Sound Freak, Medical Intuitive and Transformational Photographer. Misti Cooper  Spiritual Alchemist is a gifted Energetic Healer.  Together they are Story Telling Spiritual Mixologists traveling the world... going on Spiritual Adventures with Skully The Crystal Skull facilitating impromptu healings from Vatican City  to  The Hill of Tara…Mt Shasta to the top of Coba Pyramid. Uncover hidden passions and your life purpose. 

This is Spiritual Ecstasy

“Divinely inspired change agents and healers. Transforming Lives Activating Souls” Carolyn Ford and Einstein

“I felt as if I had been given the secrets to the universe...”

“You turn ordinary into extraordinary…” 

“I won’t spoil it for you because you have to see them yourself…” 

Hollywood Fringe Festival

The Lounge Theatre

6201 Santa Monica Blvd, 

Los Angeles, CA  90038


Thursday, May 31 8pm

Sunday, June 3  10pm


Thursday, June 7 10pm

Wednesday June 13 6pm

Saturday  June 16 10pm

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Kona Kai Resort - San Diego, CA - Oct 22, 2016

Join Rebecca Dru & Misti Cooper at the Spiritual Ecstasy Meet and Greet in San Diego, CA. The Meet and Greet is a get together of a group of people who want to know more about what we do and to have a chance to experience a sample of our Transformation and Activation. Everything we do is with divine love, care and compassion. We create a deeper connection with your “self" as we sit and talk. We will be bathing you in the vibrational sounds of the hand crafted crystal alchemy bowls created with specific crystals that touch the heart and lift your crown. We lift your vibration and fill your heart with joy. Each person comes with their own personal intention; perhaps a desired aspect of life that you are working on, as you go into a private 20 minute session with Skully. Skully is our Fluorite Crystal Skull of Love who’s traveled the world with us, connecting to 5 of the Ancient Crystal Skulls. Skully transforms negativity into love. This will be facilitated by Misti as she creates a sacred space for the transference of energy. Testimonial: Both women are amazing in their own practices as a shamanic healer and a soul photographer. Then mix them together and feel the magic start to build. There is something that happens where their energies come together to create something even bigger and more expansive. If you are fortunate enough to find an opening with Misti & Rebecca, I say RUN, don’t walk. I highly recommend both of them and this experience. You will love the transformation! Lee Lewalski (The Love Coach) 

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